48h Film Challenge ’21: An Overview

The yearly 48h Short Film Challenge is back! The long-awaited FilmSoc competition was back in the 2021-22 season in early October and here is an overview of how it went down!

This year’s object of focus were bin/trash bags and the catch phrase was “Can you hear that?”, and the Filmosc freshers did not disappoint! With a total of twelve teams, topics ranged from a house robbery to heartbreak to intricate fight scenes, to metnal health to fashion shows and climate change. Here’s a quick rundown of the winning films and what they had to offer!

The 48h film challenge focuses on freshers to showcase their interest for film and production and get involved with Filmosc, but due to the pandemic, the competiton was open for both first and second years. The main prizes were the judges’ and the public’s awards which consisted of Filmosc Tshirts (public) and a ’21-’22 production membership (judges’).

The Judges’ Award: Purgamentum

Purgamentum is a parabole on why one should not litter through the emodiment of a serial killer bin bag. Very similar to many independent 2000’s teen dramas, good shots, industrial colorisation and thoghtful prop hiding and wiring, they managed to impress the judges and the public and hopefully encouraged others not to litter! Huge congrats to Soline Baudet, Max Povey, Radu Gradinariu, Rahul Pattni and Michal Wojdylak for their creative efforts!

Purgamentum (2021)

The Public’s Award: I Want to Scream but there’s a Bag Over my Head

I Want to Scream but there’s a Bag Over my Head is a thought-provoking coming-of-age short focusing on the struggles of introverted people and how they’re not alone and will hopefully meet-cute someone that will understand them! Through very clever and introspective writing and eclectic shots, they charmed the audience, winning the public’s vote! Huge congrats to Jyo Miarkali, Brady Chilson, Mara Dinu, Max Bryant, Agathe Redier for their creative efforts!

I Want to Scream but there’s a Bag Over my Head (2021)

All films can be found on the Filmsoc Youtube channel, and all are worth checking out! From absurdities to action to thriller, from comedy to coming-of-age to drama and romance, this year’s films cover a wide range of genres for everybody! Check out Purgamentum, I Want to Scream but there’s a Bag Over my Head and the rest of amazing shorts: The Trashion Industry, In Time, The Big Bag, Baggage, No Time to Dine, Placing Sorrow and Trash Man, Trash, Life’s Trash and Glad to be Unhappy!

The awards ceremony:

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