‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Review

Bori Bernat takes a look at the newest entry into the Mission Impossible franchise. 

Mission: Impossible seems to be the franchise that just doesn’t want to die. Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent saving the world once again in the franchise’s sixth instalment: Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Since its release a little over a week ago, this film has stirred critics and audiences alike, which beg the questions: how successful can a sixth instalment be? Does it stand its ground as a standalone film, or should it only be considered as part of the franchise? And most importantly, was Henry Cavill’s moustache worth it?

Ethan Hunt is yet again visited by a “Your mission, should you choose to accept it …” message, and though the mysterious enemy is yet to be discovered, he’s also forced to face some old foes. While looking for an extremist known by the cover name John Lark, who’s of course set on destroying the world as we know it, Hunt meets his arch nemesis from Rogue Nation, Solomon Lane. In his latest espionage endeavour, he’s paired with Agent Walker from the CIA. Since going rogue is part of his MO, the trust between agencies is easily severed.

One of the reasons why Fallout achieved its success is it has all the elements of a classic spy film. An ambitious villain who wants to destroy civilisation, a smart, agile, quick-thinker, sharp-shooter hero, whose belief that he is doing the right thing keeps him doing incredible feats, a love story, car chases, explosions, near misses, and of course the oh so famous Mission Impossible tune. The music plays a major part in this franchise, its iconic melody has appeared in different spy films, parodies and satires. Apart from the famous tune, however, Fallout’s score is on point as well. It plays on the audience’s emotions perfectly, as it matches the excitement and pace of the scenes well.

Tom Cruise produced and starred in this film, as he is, of course, Mission Impossible face – the entire franchise depends on him. Or does it? Although there are talks of a seventh installation following the success of Fallout, Cruise may just take part in the producer role. The actor’s famous for doing his own stunts, one of which in this film resulted in him breaking his ankle. Regardless of what may come next, Tom Cruise gave a solid performance of the spy, showing us a more persevering side of the hero. He’s lost his love, he lost the trust of his agency, yet he keeps fighting the battles and lets little to nothing know about his emotions. The rest of the Fallout cast is spectacular: Simon Pegg and Ving Rames provide great comic relief, Rebecca Ferguson returns to the role of Isla, who surprisingly doesn’t quite work alongside Hunt, Alec Baldwin steps in as the director of IMF, and even Michelle Monaghan makes a small appearance.

The CIA operative working with Hunt, Agent Walker, is played by no other than Henry Cavill. You may have heard of the feud between the production of Fallout and Justice League over some facial hair that resulted in some heavy CGI over the actor’s face: While Superman is quite a smooth-faced character, Agent Walker sports a heavy moustache and a light beard. However, as his contract with the Mission Impossible franchise stated he was prohibited from shaving, it caused trouble during Justice League reshoots, and forced them to invest millions into the digital removal of said facial hair. I have to say, Paramount’s pettiness over the issue is truly hilarious, but was it worth it? Apparently, since with the premiere of Fallout, this story came back to provide more press for the film, thus the revenue rising. Pretty smart move, Paramount.

Mission Impossible is often compared to the James Bond franchise. I must say, Ethan Hunt is a much better spy and character than James Bond will ever be. He’s equally smart and skilled if not more, and he possesses qualities that make him a lovable character. He’s noble, heroic, and hopeful for humanity. Bond’s famous for being a ladies man, but Hunt only loved two women his entire life, he’s a pretty loyal guy. The Mission Impossible franchise also has some great female characters. The strong and resourceful Isla may be a better spy than our protagonist, and Hunt’s main love interest, Julia, is a successful doctor.

Fallout is a good movie to watch, as part of the franchise and as a standalone film too. Prior knowledge of the previous films is definitely not mandatory. The time and money invested in this production show well. Its action scenes glue you to the seat, Cruise’s stunts make your hands sweat, and if you can disregard the logical loopholes that films such as this often have, you’ll walk away with a pleasant cinema experience.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now released in UK cinemas everywhere. Watch the trailer below:

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