My Week With Mannequin – Term 3 Film 2016/17

FilmSoc Term 3 Film – 2016/17

Annabel, fed up with her dysfunctional relationship, replaces herself with a shop window mannequin without her boyfriend noticing.

Directed by Thomas Rebour and Hugh Pearson
Written by Hugh Pearson
Produced by Maurice Anton Brown

Starring Sarah Lauridsen, Nick Tuck, Hanna Harris, Olivia Burgin, Munaye Lichtenstein

Director of Photography – Molly Hwang
1st Assistant Camera – Dhaval Joshi
2nd Assistant Camera – Pietro Sambuy, Andreas Zinonos
Gaffer – Shaun Waldie
Sparks – Lorcan Moullier, Milo Garner
1st Assistant Director – Bori Bernat
Sound – Jordan Harding
Script Supervisor – Kisshor Samyrao
Composer – Jack Selby
Costumes – Maki Morita
Production Design – Leo Bowers
Assistant Producers – Hebe Hamilton, David Cheung
Runners – Annie Maguire, Olivia Burgin

“Smooth Lovin” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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