Couchtime Stories

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Couchtime Stories narrates the everyday adventures of 6 students with very different backgrounds sharing a flat in London (a crossover between “Friends” and Klapisch’s “The Spanish Apartment).
From the career-driven intern, to the university drop-out volunteering for charitities, they all go through experiences that you will definitely relate to.
They awkwardly get to know each other, and share their hopes and dreams. They get drunk, they get dumped, they fight and make up, and eventually learn to live together!

Written and directed by Lucie Trémolières
Produced by Julie Joubert, Ivan Nagar and Lucie Trémolières

Starring Aurora Cominetti, Florent Simon, Ottavia Derossi, Cora Burridge, Thomas Fenton and Lucie Trémolières

Director of Photography: Thomas Rebour
Set Design: Simon Carpentier, Julie Joubert and Maialen Maugars
Makeup: Ottavia Derossi and Julie Joubert
Edited by Mallory Blackwood and Mandy Lo

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