Cold Deck

A man struggles with his gambling addiction.

Producers: Giulia Simone and Leiah Yvonne Kwong

Location Scout: Jonny Wong

Director: Chris Tapsell

1st Assistant Director: Bartek Podkowa, Ariathney Coyne

2nd Assistant Director: Lily Donnelly and Maxime de Sadeleer

Director of Photography: Aislinn King, Will Kennedy and Shaun Waldie

Assistant Camera: Shaun Waldie

Gaffer: Virunee Viravong

Lighting Assistant: Jamie Hearing

Sound Director: Adam Pinnock

Sound Assistant: Ariathney Coyne

Production Designer: Aislinn King

Art Department: Kitty Mayo and Davide Spina

Makeup Artists: Caroline Ball, Berthan Chan and Kira Amin

Editor: Gustav Hoder